Welcome to the Toronto Bruce Trail Club

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Preparing For a Hike

Following a few simple guidelines will help make your hiking more pleasurable:
Hike Preparation
  • Always bring ID and your Health Card. Also, at the start of the hike you will be required to sign a waiver form, and you will be asked to provide a name and phone number of the person we should contact in case of an emergency.
  • Check the weather forecast before joining a hike so you can dress in layers suitable for the weather. On colder days you will often have to take a layer off, and our hike leaders are trained to allow for "clothing adjustments" mid-hike. Also, having suitable raingear is quite often useful when there is a possibility of rain.
  • Hiking boots are also quite often useful. Our hike leaders will indicate in the hike description where hiking boots are essential, however there are many hikes where sneakers will do just fine.
  • Stay with the group when hiking - don't go ahead or fall behind. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the challenge levels so that you can select a hike that is suitable to your fitness level.
  • Please follow any instructions given by the leader. Remember that our Hike Leaders, who are volunteers, have completed comprehensive training that goes above and beyond Hike Ontario standards. If you disagree with your hike leader, we ask that you be respectful in your communications.
  • Bring food and lots of water. A minimum of 1L of water is recommended on all hikes, and 3L is recommended for long, challenging hikes in the heat of the summer.
  • Most hike leaders will have basic first aid supplies, but you are encouraged to pack what you think you may need. Please bring your own medical supplies such as puffer and EpiPen and let your hike leader know where you have them stored in your pack.
  • Be honest with yourself when judging the length, speed and difficulty of the hike you wish to attend - if in doubt, call the leader.
Also, please keep in mind:
  • As either a member or a non-member you are welcome to participate in these hikes, but you hike at your own risk.
  • The Toronto Bruce Trail Club, the Bruce Trail Conservancy, and all unpaid volunteers assume no liability for any persons attending the events that are posted on this website.
And, finally, you don't have to be a member of the Bruce Trail Conservancy to hike on Bruce Trail, but if there were no members, there wouldn't be a Bruce Trail. So, if you have not already done so, we invite you to become a supporter of the Bruce Trail Conservancy and the Toronto Bruce Trail Club. To learn more, click here.