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Hike With Other BTC Clubs

There are 9 Bruce Trail Clubs that support the Conservancy, and all the hiking programs directly affiliated with the BTC are run from these geographically located clubs. Collectively, they organize and run more than 1500 hikes each year. Every hike is led by a hike leader trained to meet or exceed Hike Ontario standards. While the clubs are geographically based, the hiking programs for each club will include hikes across the entire trail.

The "Let's Hike" Calendar includes all Toronto Club led hikes. If you can't find what you are looking for, we invite you to visit one of our sister clubs. Most hikes are open to the public, and every effort is made for the hikes to be ranked consistently so that you can easily find a hike that is suitable to your fitness level and time commitment.

Club Websites

Niagara Bruce Trail Club
Queenston to Grimsby
Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club
Grimsby to Kelso
Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club
Cheltenham to Mono Centre
Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club
Mono Centre to Lavender
Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club
Lavender to Craigleith
Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club
Craigleith to Blantyre
Sydenham Bruce Trail Club
Blantyre to Wiarton
Peninsula Bruce Trail Club
Wiarton to Tobermory