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Press Room

The Toronto Bruce Trail Club has a story to tell - in fact, the TBTC has multiple stories and messages to share with Ontarians.

Whether you're writing a story on hiking, outdoor activity, lifestyle, health, fitness, emotional well-being - we've got folks for you to interview.

If you're covering a story on environmental preservation, CO2 related topics, protection against erosion, flood management, we've got conservationists, ecologists and other well-trained contacts who can speak to you about a number of relevant issues.

In short, we can help you:
  1. Craft a good story and
  2. Meet your deadlines!

We can supply photos, too!

Toronto Bruce Trail Club

What we've got for you:

  • We have almost 3,000 members of the Toronto branch of the Bruce Trail Club alone (there are 9 clubs altogether) with unique experiences that lend themselves to amazing stories.
  • We have hikers who've taken to the trail for health reasons (physical and mental), as a personal challenge, as a means of connecting with the larger community.
  • We have incredible stories about land conservation and preservation - about how we manage to raise funds to secure the environmental safety of 800 km of marked foot paths that extend from Queenston Heights all the way to Tobermory.
  • We have resources and experts to comment on other stories you may be working on: environmentalists, hikers, land preservationists, plant experts...
  • PHOTOS: We have fabulous high-resolution photos for you to use in print, digitally and in social media.

Please contact: press@torontobrucetrailclub.org