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Bob Humphreys

Bob Humphreys

1. When and why did you decide to become a Hike Leader:
Halfway up a Swiss mountain in June 2004, accompanying another hiker with a heart condition, whilst sweeping for the first time in my life. I found the responsibility and challenge enjoyable, and figured I might like to do it a bit more often.

2. What's your favourite part of the Bruce Trail:
Either the view from Murphy's Pinnacle, or from the bench seat on the Mulmur Lookout Side Trail. Both on map 20 in the Dufferin Hi-Land section.

3. What's your favourite Toronto-section Trail area:
The section of the Hilton Falls Side Trail between kms 10.2 and 11.8, map 11. A little bit boggy here, but really pretty going up and down around the ponds and small streams here.

4. What do you love about volunteering with BTC:
I love the opportunity to help others enjoy the beauty and variety of nature in our great outdoors, so close to the metropolitan areas where most of us spend our daily lives.

5. Why should GTA residents get outside and enjoy the Bruce Trail:
Not only do you get to enjoy the previously mentioned outdoors, you get to relax in the company of the new friends you make.

6. Do you have any special hikes on your bucket list:
My photo "Bob and the Bull" was taken on the Bayview Extension in Sydenham section, map 30, between kms 45.0 and 46.9, in October 2012. (Sadly, trail changes mean you can't hike that section of trail now.) No, I was not standing as close to the bull as it would first seem; the photo was taken with a long telephoto lens, hence the compressed perspective. Hiking up to that point I had realized the bull was a bit of a pussy-cat, and so decided to position myself right there to give my hiking group the confidence to hike past!)