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Danny Pivnick

Danny Pivnick

1. When and why did you decide to become a Hike Leader:
I became a Hike Leader in 2014. I enjoy leading hikes and various activities, and was happy to help contribute to the Bruce Trail organization.

2. What's your favourite part of the Bruce Trail:
I am still learning various parts of the trail. My focus as a Hike Leader are urban walks in Toronto and I have enjoyed leading walks throughout the many ravines and parks in the city.

3. What's your favourite Toronto-section Trail area:
See above.

4. What do you love about volunteering with BTC:
At this point, I have only been a Hike Leader. It is quite gratifying.

5. Why should GTA residents get outside and enjoy the Bruce Trail:
I believe that it is important to get out and walk for a variety of health related reasons. It is wonderful as well to appreciate nature. We have a great deal of space in this country and it's lovely to get out and explore in one way or another.

6. Do you have any special hikes on your bucket list:
I have had the good fortune to complete a couple of wonderful hikes in the past in Nepal and up in Alaska. As well, I spent a week hiking in the Rockies two summers ago. I am always interested in the idea of doing some hiking in pretty parts of the world!