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Ruth Dorey

Ruth Dorey

1. When and why did you decide to become a Hike Leader:
I love hiking and became a Hike Leader in 2015 with the encouragement of Larry Haigh.

2. What's your favourite part of the Bruce Trail:
Peninsula Section. It is truly magical hiking along the escarpment, the Georgian Bay so beautiful and a treat to dip my feet in the cool water at the end of a hike, Lions head beautiful to hike and the Grotto like something out of a James Bond movie.

3. What's your favourite Toronto-section Trail area:
My favorite is Scotsdale Farm because of the beautiful terrain and the many loops available. I remember hiking on the trail when there was ice on tree branches which shone brightly in the sun and clinked like wind chimes.

4. What do you love about volunteering with BTC:
I enjoy volunteering as a hike leader, sharing with others the beauty of nature along the trail.

5. Why should GTA residents get outside and enjoy the Bruce Trail:
GTA residents should get outside and enjoy the Bruce Trail as it is good for the mind, body and soul. Also one hiker said to me, "I would never have seen so much beauty in Ontario if I had not joined the Bruce Trail". I responded that it was the same for me.

6. Do you have any special hikes on your bucket list:
I don't have any special hikes on my bucket list. The photo of myself and Larry was taken on June 11, 2016 on the Seaton Hiking Trail.